Kh K Muradian

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Programmed death of cells by apoptosis is regarded as a protective mechanism of the organism against an accumulation and spread of defective cells. The rate of apoptosis is elevated in most types of aging cell populations. However, there are also findings about a decreased susceptibility of senescent cells in vivo and in vitro, particularly to apoptosis(More)
Samples of 7-8 microl of aqueous solution of L-[(14C)]leucine (spec. act. 12543 MBq/mmol) were introduced in the zone of the ventral horn (L(5)-L(6)) of the spinal cord of adult (8-12 month) and old (26-28 month) male Wistar rats. The radioactivity of all 3-mm parts of the corresponding ventral roots was measured. Anabolic hormones (including sex steroids(More)
Age-dependent changes of lipid metabolism may arise both as a result of mechanisms of biological ageing and factors influencing age-dependent changes. To study possible influences of nutrition and life-style of vegetarians on age-dependence of lipid parameters, subjects of general population were compared with vegetarians. In the frame of population-based(More)
The uptake of labelled precursors of RNA and protein and their incorporation into corresponding macromolecules were studied in the liver of adult and old rats after pharmacological blockade of the adreno- and cholinoreceptors. The data obtained suggest direct neural regulation of transcription and translation intensity as well as the weakening of these(More)
The effect of aurintricarboxylic acid (ATA) on cell growth and proliferative capacity was studied in human ovarian SKOV3 and breast MCF7 carcinoma cells. ATA moderately inhibited cell growth measured by a Neutral red assay after a 24-hour incubation of the cells in the presence of ATA. The ATA-treated cells displayed a markedly decreased capacity to(More)
AIMS Accumulating data suggest that food supplementation with seaweeds which traditionally are an important part of food culture in South-East Asian countries might lead to essential health benefits. In this short review, we summarize findings from experimental studies on the effects of fucoxanthin (a carotenoid derived from brown seaweeds) on lipid(More)
The effect of relic microorganism B. sp., living in severe environment of Siberian permafrost during thousands and millions of years, on development and stress resistance of Drosophila melanogaster has been studied. In manipulating with such objects with practically "eternal life span", molecular carriers of the unprecedented longevity potential and(More)
A distribution of specific lifespan has been studied in different taxonomic groups of animals. A positive skewness has been observed in animal kingdom as well as in smaller taxonomic groups. The skewness is higher in groups with relatively short lifespan (Insecta, Rotatoria, Mollusca). A coefficient of variation and excess is also higher in the above(More)
The distribution type and correlative links between physiological and biochemical indices characterizing functional condition of the systems of gaseous exchange (V(O2) and V(CO2)), thermoregulation (body temperature and coefficient of thermoconductivity) and antioxidant defense have been studied in 62 young (3-5 mo.) and 58 old (23-26 mo.) male C57Bl/ 6(More)
Qualitative and quantitative differences in correlative and regressive links between superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase were assessed in the mice liver by two- and three-dimensional statistical methods. Paired linear correlation analysis indicated SOD-CAT tandem as the correlatively acting enzymatic pair.(More)