Kh Husnain Haider

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Cardiac troponin-I (cTn-I) was isolated from bovine left ventricular tissue and used as immunogen. Sixteen murine hybridoma lines were produced with two of them, 1D12 and 5F4, showing a high specificity for cTn-I; both of these monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) were isotyped as IgG1 with kappa-light chains. The specificity of the McAbs for cTn-I was confirmed(More)
The present study was carried out to determine the possible use of cTn-I in the cardiac myofibrillar architecture, as a potential target for in vivo radioimmunodetection of cardiac damage in a brain death pig model. Radioiodination of the anti-cTn-I 5F4 McAb was carried out by lactoperoxidase method. The percentage iodine incorporation achieved was 70-75%.(More)
Cardiac troponin-l (cTn-l) specific monoclonal antibodies (McAb) were produced against bovine cTn-l. Six somatic cell fusions using polyethylene glycol (40%) between spleen cells from cTn-l immunized mice BALB/c-NZB F1 hybrid and a mouse myeloma cell line (P3.X63.Ag8.653) were carried out. Sixteen positive monoclonal cell lines were produced; two of them,(More)
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