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A case of innate anomaly of the brain with a male new-born calf from the Bulgarian brown breed. Changes were established in the development of the main brain including some lacking parts of it. It is presumed that as a result of this anomaly some other changes have occurred, namely in the face, the facial bones and the skull. This deformity is combined with(More)
Alantoamnion vascularization was studied on clarified preparations from three mares in advanced pregnancy. Two large blood vessels (artery and vein) beginning from the umbilical vessels were found in the alantoamnion wall. Numerous anastomoses were observed at the passage between the arterial and the vein section. The large arteries had a thick, jely-like(More)
Studied were the structure and localization of the venous plexuses in the chewing muscles of a total of twenty newborn and growing lambs and sheep (aged up to 8 years) of both sexes through preparation, corrosion, and measuring. It was found that the venous plexuses were localized within the muscles and had definite boundaries. They were shown to be(More)
Studied were the structure and the blood supply of plexus ophthalmicus and plexus orbitalis medialis in twenty newborn lambs and in ewes and rams aged up to eight years, employing the methods of preparation and corosion. It was found that sheep had well developed intraorbital venous plexuses. Plexus ophthalmicus was found to be formed by branches of the(More)
Observations, preparations, schemes, and roentgenography were employed to investigate the location, number, size, and branching of the big arterial and venous vessels in the tail of seven buffaloes of the local breed and crosses with Murrha. It was found that the tail was strongly supplied with blood vessels in the proximal end, and was to a lesser extent(More)
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