Kh D Ikramov

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The alkaloids of the tulip treeLiriodendron tulipifera L., family Magnoliaceae, are considered. More then 20 alkaloids have been isolated during different vegetation periods from various organs of the plant growing in Uzbekistan, and these have been assigned to the aporphine alkaloids and their dehydro, oxo, and 7-hydroxy derivatives; only two alkaloids(More)
We say that a square complex matrix is condensable if it can be reduced to a bandform through a nite sequence of elementary uni-tary similarities. The two main results of this paper are the following assertions: (1) Any matrix with a low rank skew-Hermitian part is condens-able. (2) If A is a normal condensable matrix, then any rank one perturbation of A(More)
of the reactionmixture led to the isolation of O-(benzyl 2-acetamido-4,6-O-isopropylidene2-deoxy-~-D-glucopyranosid-3-yl)-D-lactoyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine 7-octadecylamide (III): 75%, [~120~,5~6 +67 ° (c 0.54; dimethylformamide); IR (cm -z, KBr): 3370-3280 (NH=, NH); 2920, 2850 (CH=); 1650, 1540 ~mide); 850 (Me=C), 710, 690 (phenyl). The isopropylidene(More)
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