Kh. A. Khashimov

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The obtaining of cultures of subendothelial cells of the human aorta and their use as a cell model to study in vitro the principal manifestations of atherosclerosisand theinvestigation of the antiatherosclerotic action ofvarious compounds have enabled an effective search to be made for the factors which control atherogenesis and ways of its pharmacologic(More)
Monohydroxyeicosa-5,8,1 I, 14-tetraenoic acids (HETE), such as 5-HETE, 12-HETE, and 15-HETE, appear as the first metabolites of arachidonic acid in mammalian tissues and play an important role in the regulation of intraand intercellular communication [10]. The activation of their biosynthesis in the presence of lipoxygenase is part of the development of(More)
Lipid accumulation in cells of the blood vessel wall is one of the most important early manifestations of atheroscleros~s. It is generally considered that the control of lipoprorein hemostasis is effected by ~lipoprotein receptors, exposed on the cell surface. Lipoprorein receptors play a key role In the regulation of cholesterol and triglyceride(More)
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