Keziah Preston-Fayers

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The epithelial Na/Pi cotransporter (NaPi-II) is instrumental in maintaining phosphate (Pi) homeostasis in vertebrates. Hormones and metabolic factors (PTH, Pi availability) that acutely influence renal Pi excretion have been demonstrated to target NaPi-II expression. Upon stimulation, newly synthesized transporter molecules become integrated into the(More)
Natural antisense transcripts (NATs) are important regulators of gene expression. Recently, a link between antisense transcription and the formation of endo-siRNAs has emerged. We investigated the bi-directionally transcribed Na/phosphate cotransporter gene (Slc34a1) under the aspect of endo-siRNA processing. Mouse Slc34a1 produces an antisense transcript(More)
Overlapping sense/antisense RNAs transcribed in opposite directions from the same genomic locus are common in vertebrates. The impact of antisense transcription on gene regulation and cell biology is largely unknown. We show that sense/antisense RNAs of an evolutionarily conserved phosphate transporter gene (Slc34a2a) are coexpressed in a short time window(More)
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