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Motivated by the development of a time domain game approach for mixed /spl Hscr//sub 2///spl Hscr//sub /spl infin// characterization, the multiobjective filtering design problem is formulated and solved in both finite and infinite time domains, by combining the constrained optimization approach and the /spl Hscr//sub /spl infin// optimization approach. The(More)
  • S P Boyd, L El-Ghaoui, +20 authors Robust
  • 1998
style, keeping convexity in fact, linearity and allowing an immediate extension to handle uncertain convex bounded domains and decentralized control. The second point is that, thanks to the adopted formulation, powerful numerical procedures can be used to solve the proposed problems.
  • K Zhou, Doyle, Glover K, Petkov, Christov N, Konstantinov M
  • 2007
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: To give knowledge on the modern methods for analysis and design of robust and optimal control systems. To develop skills for description of uncertain systems, robust stability and robust performance analysis, to perform H ∞ design and µ-synthesis of multivariable control systems. To develop practical skills for using(More)
Recently increasing penetration of renewable energy generation brings challenges for power system operators to perform efficient power generation daily scheduling, due to the intermittent nature of the renewable generation and discrete decisions of each generation unit. Among all aspects to be considered, unit commitment polytope is fundamental and embedded(More)
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