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The case representation is the premise for case retrieval, reuse, revision and storage. The theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) is the knowledge-based, systematic approach to innovation and a powerful problem solving methodology. Generalized Location Pattern is a useful tool to realize design automation based on the Function Surface. A new case code(More)
At the stage of conceptual design of mechanical products, there are some multiple solutions and uncertainty problems in the process of mapping function to structure. In order to tackle these problems, limit nature of rigid body in the general coordinate system was analyzed and based on the decomposition and reconfiguration theory, conceptual design model of(More)
Rapid and automatic growth of organisms is so fascinating and becomes one of the reasons why comes the idea of Product Gene. The similar relations between organism and product can be proposed: Gene in biology rarrProduct Gene, RNA rarrConceptual Architecture, Protein rarrSolid Product Element, Cell rarrPart or component, and Organism rarrProduct. Then(More)
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