Keyvan RahimiZadeh

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⎯ In this paper we propose a method for adaptive power saving based on Cyclic Quorum method. Quorum based protocols can make a guarantee for upper delay bounds which a node can experience before it can see the next hop in active state. These methods are useful for multi-hop ad-hoc networks which do not have any global synchronization between their nodes. We(More)
Virtualization technologies are experiencing a renewed interest for diverse applications such as Cloud computing and server consolidation. These technologies reduce costs and improve flexibility and reliability of services. However, they pose a new performance challenge. An application performance running inside virtual machine may considerably differ from(More)
Server virtualization comforts deployment of Internet services and enables cloud service providers to improve resource utilization, fault tolerance, and energy efficiency by consolidating virtual servers within a shared environment. Although deploying services in virtualized environment brings benefits to service providers in terms of service agility,(More)
This paper proposes a new heterogonous routing algorithm that utilizes cellular network to perform routing for Ad-Hoc networks. When the Ad-Hoc network is in the coverage of a cellular network, our method takes advantage of both cellular and Ad-Hoc networks to collaborate in routing by using the clustering approach. If centralized management system of(More)
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