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In recent years there has been an increased interest in Human-Computer Interaction Systems allowing for more natural communication with machines. Such systems are especially important for elderly and disabled persons. Face detection has always been a vast research field in the computer vision world, considering that it is the backbone of any application(More)
Threshold secret sharing schemes do not prevent any malicious behavior of the dealer or shareholders and so we need verifiable secret sharing, to detect and identify the cheaters, to achieve fair reconstruction of a secret. The problem of verifiable secret sharing is to verify the shares distributed by the dealer. A novel approach for verifiable secret(More)
In this paper we have proposed digital watermarking scheme for halftone images based on visual cryptography scheme. The scheme does not embed the watermark directly on the halftone image instead watermark will be divided into the parts called as shares. The scheme not only protects the watermark but also provides an effective copyright protection scheme. At(More)
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