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—Neighbor discovery is crucial for both wireless sensor networks and mobile computing applications. The crux of the problem is to achieve energy efficiency, which has been demonstrated to be difficult by prior work. In this paper we propose Hello, a generic flexible protocol for neighbor discovery. With an unrestricted parameter, it serves as a generic(More)
—The continual proliferation of mobile devices has stimulated the development of opportunistic encounter-based networking and has spurred a myriad of proximity-based mobile applications. A primary cornerstone of such applications is to discover neighboring devices effectively and efficiently. Despite extensive protocol optimization, current neighbor(More)
The identification of protein-protein interaction sites is a computationally challenging task and important for understanding the biology of protein complexes. There is a rich literature in this field. A broad class of approaches assign to each candidate residue a real-valued score that measures how likely it is that the residue belongs to the interface.(More)
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