Keyou Zhao

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This paper is devoted to stability analysis of uncertain continuous-time systems with time-delay in state and input saturation. The domain of attraction of the origin resulting from an a priori designed state feedback law is analyzed using Lyapunov-Razumikhin function approach. Delay-dependent estimation of the domain of attraction is presented using linear(More)
In this paper, the H∞ control problem is considered for linear descriptor systems by using convex optimization approaches. By giving sufficient and necessary conditions for the output feedback H∞ control problem, feasible LMI-based design approaches are presented for both generalized and proper H∞ controller. All proper H∞ controllers are constructed via(More)
This paper addresses the problem of robust stability and stabilization of a class of nonlinear switched systems when each subsystem is not stabilized by a designed single static output feedback. Both the condition on robust stability only via switching and the condition on switched static output feedback controllers are expressed in terms of matrix(More)
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