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Estimation of lithium in 24 samples of serum and saliva show that there is a very high correlation between the lithium levels in serum and saliva (r= + 0-88). The ratio found in our patients is very similar to that reported from North America. Estimation of lithium in saliva at different periods of time show there is a good degree of stability for saliva(More)
Serum prolactin levels are determined in 116 schizophrenics and 120 control subjects. Values of prolactin levels of the patients are compared with the values of control of the same sex and age group. There is no significant difference between prolactin levels of controls and those with negative or positive symptoms of schizophrenia. Analysis, taking age(More)
Baseline plasma Cortisol levels and response to dexamethasone in a group of twenty five patients with ma) or depressive disorder (MDD) and a control group of twenty five patients with psychiatric diagnoses other than MDD were estimated. The results of our study show that dexamethasone suppression test (DST) is a useful diagnostic aid in MDD with melancholia(More)
In studies of the acute effects of haloperidol on the severity of stuttering in 12 subjects not in treatment at the time of drug evaluation, a single 0.5 mg haloperidol injection was found to increase fluency in 9 to 12 subjects, as compared with saline placebo. The average improvement in those subjects who improved was 25% on reading and 40% on spontaneous(More)
— The security of computer systems often relies upon decisions and actions of end users. In this paper, we set out to investigate user-centered security by concentrating at the most fundamental component governing user behavior – the human brain. We introduce a novel neuroscience-based study methodology to inform the design of user-centered security(More)
A study was conducted on 30 wives of alcoholics using Orford-Guthrie's 'coping with drinking' questionnaire. Tlie commonest coping behaviour reported was discord, avoidance, indulgence and fearful withdrawal while marital breakdown, taking special action, assertion and sexual withdrawal were least frequent. There was no significant correlation between the(More)
Recent recommendations for the routine use of modified ECT prompted an audit to be undertaken to determine the incidence of musculoskeletal complications occurring in patients who received ECT at our centre from 1980 to 1990. Of the 13,597 treatments given, 98% were unmodified, due to the lack of availability of anesthetists. Musculoskeletal complications(More)
A study is conducted for assessment of personality characteristic using EPI & 16 PF on wives of 30 primary alcoholics who satisfied Feighner's Criteria and were compared with the wives of 30 normal controls matched on imrital an socio-demographic variables. There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups on EPI and scores were(More)
The goal of research in any branch of clinical medicine should be to provide better care for the patient. The ultimate criterion which determines the relevance and effectiveness of all our academic exercise is the extent to which they have helped us reach this goal. In a developing country like India, where financial resources and manpower for health(More)