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b s t r a c t E-business has seen significant growth over the past few years. To fully realize the benefits of e-business, common standards are required to define the syntax and semantics of Web-based information sharing among firms. Recently, numerous vertical standards developing organizations (SDO) have emerged to develop e-business standards. From a(More)
E-business standards are critical for electronic transactions. In many industries, firms develop e-business standards collaboratively in a standard consortium. They can choose to become a leading developer, a passive adopter, or a non-adopter. Since firms' strategic choices at the development stage and the adoption stage are related due to the double-sided(More)
The recent growth of e-Business has called for open standards for inter-organizational electronic information sharing. Many firms form consortia to facilitate the development and adoption of open 1 e-Business standards (OEBS). In this paper we study the consortium-based open e-Business standard development and adoption from an integrated perspective that(More)
An Online Community (OC) is an IT-based social space where people are connected and access various resources during virtual social interaction. Previous IS research reveals that social capital can be a salient determinant of user participation and contribution to OCs. However, most such research assumes that social capital is given and has been built;(More)