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b s t r a c t E-business has seen significant growth over the past few years. To fully realize the benefits of e-business, common standards are required to define the syntax and semantics of Web-based information sharing among firms. Recently, numerous vertical standards developing organizations (SDO) have emerged to develop e-business standards. From a(More)
E-business standards are critical for electronic transactions. In many industries, firms develop e-business standards collaboratively in a standard consortium. They can choose to become a leading developer, a passive adopter, or a non-adopter. Since firms' strategic choices at the development stage and the adoption stage are related due to the double-sided(More)
P2X receptors are commonly known as plasma membrane cation channels involved in a wide variety of cell functions. The properties of these channels have been extensively studied on the plasma membrane. However, studies in amoeba suggest that P2X receptors are also present intracellularly and involved in vesicle fusion with the plasma membrane. Recently, it(More)
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The recent growth of e-Business has called for open standards for inter-organizational electronic information sharing. Many firms form consortia to facilitate the development and adoption of open 1 e-Business standards (OEBS). In this paper we study the consortium-based open e-Business standard development and adoption from an integrated perspective that(More)