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E-business has seen significant growth over the past few years. To fully realize the benefits of e-business, common standards are required to define the syntax and semantics of Web-based information sharing among firms. Recently, numerous vertical standards developing organizations (SDO) have emerged to develop e-business standards. From a standard making(More)
E-business standards are critical for electronic transactions. In many industries, firms develop e-business standards collaboratively in a standard consortium. They can choose to become a leading developer, a passive adopter, or a non-adopter. Since firms’ strategic choices at the development stage and the adoption stage are related due to the double-sided(More)
The development of high-resolution two-dimensional spectral estimation techniques is of notable interest in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging. Typically, data-independent techniques are exploited to form the SAR images, although such approaches will suffer from limited resolution and high sidelobe levels. Recent work on data-adaptive approaches have(More)
Ellipse fitting is widely applied in the fields of computer vision and automatic industry control, in which the procedure of ellipse fitting often follows the preprocessing step of edge detection in the original image. Therefore, the ellipse fitting method also depends on the accuracy of edge detection besides their own performance, especially due to the(More)