Kexin Yang

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Most successful cyber attacks begin with successful information gathering. Now more and more Web servers try to hide their identities by removing product tokens in the “Server” header in their responses discreetly, but that fails because of some Web fingerprinting tools. Some tools try to defeat these fingerprinting tools by changing Web(More)
Since the first denial of service (DoS) attack appears, DoS attacks cause significant financial damage every year. The majority researchers focus on detection and respond mechanism of DoS, whereas limited progress has been made in the details of DoS attacks. In this paper, we introduce custom audit scripting language (CASL) applied to write simulation(More)
One way of improving I/O performance is to carry out I/O operations in parallel, which is supported by parallel file systems. The data management techniques are very important to build a parallel file system with high performance and high reliability. A simple and efficient parallel file data management method was implemented. A fixed stripe size and(More)
Data collection mechanism is a crucial factor for the performance of intrusion detection system (IDS). Simple random sampling and Stratified random sampling techniques of statistics are introduced to the procedure of data collection for IDS, and formulas used to calculate the sample size of packets based on these sampling techniques are presented. The(More)
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