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This paper presents a new automatic region-growing method for vessel segmentation in two-dimensional X-ray coronary angiography images. The method consists of two parts: the feature map extraction based on a novel vesselness function; and the segmentation process which includes automatic seed-point selection, main branch segmentation and vessel detail(More)
Gray matter volume deficits have been identified in cognitively impaired patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, it remains unknown whether the gray matter volume is altered in COPD patients with subclinical cognitive impairment. To determine whether any gray matter abnormalities are present in these patients, neuropsychological(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the CT angiography features of the involved arterial branches of the spontaneous isolated superior mesentery artery dissection(SISMAD). METHODS Clinical and CT angiogram data of 6 patients with SISMAD confirmed by dual source energy CT angiography were analyzed retrospectively. The CT angiography features and prognosis of patients(More)
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