Kewal Krishan Maudar

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The Bhopal gas tragedy is undoubtedly one of the worst industrial disasters in the history of mankind resulting in mortality of 2500-6000 and debilitating over 200 000 people. Inhabitants in the township were exposed to different degrees and there are more than 500 000 registered victims that survived the tragedy. Clinical studies have shown chronic(More)
The role of oxidative stress is often attributed in environmental renal diseases. Isocyanates, a ubiquitous chemical group with diverse industrial applications, are known to undergo bio-transformation reactions upon accidental and occupational exposure. This study delineates the role of isocyanate-mediated mitochondrial oxidative stress in eliciting(More)
Mesenteric and retroperitoneal cysts develop from ectopic lymphatic tissue. Most of them present as symptomless abdominal swellings or are found coincidentally during abdominal operations. One third of patients may present with acute abdominal pain, and few may present with chronic abdominal pain. However, mesenteric cyst presenting as inguinal hernia is(More)
The toxic response of cultured human colon epithelial-FHC cells to methyl isocyanate was investigated with regard to genomic instability. Qualitative and quantitative assessments of the extent of phosphorylation of DNA damage signaling factors such as ATM, gammaH2AX and p53, was increased in treated cells compared to controls. At the same time, many treated(More)
Liver is often exposed to plethora of chemical toxins. Owing to its profound physiological role and central function in metabolism and homeostasis, pertinent succession of cell cycle in liver epithelial cells is of prime importance to maintain cellular proliferation. Although recent evidence has displayed a strong association between exposures to methyl(More)
Isocyanates, a group of low molecular weight aromatic and aliphatic compounds containing the isocyanate group (-NCO), are important raw materials with diverse industrial applications; however, pathophysiological implications resulting from occupational and accidental exposures of these compounds are hitherto unknown. Although preliminary evidence available(More)
Total parenteral nutrition has been used in clinical practice for over a quarter of a century. It has revolutionized the management of potentially fatal condition like the short bowel syndrome in infants as well as adults. Refinements in techniques have led to development of sophisticated catheters and delivery systems. Better understanding of human(More)
The present study included three groups: (A) age and gender matched control (n=24) with no previous signs of M. tuberculosis complex (MTBC) infection, (B) patients (n=28) diagnosed with gastro-intestinal TB (GITB), (C) patients (n=50) with clinical and histo-pathological signs of GITB, but were culture and AFB negative. Real time assay performed using(More)
Mirizzi syndrome (17%), shrunken gall bladder (32%) and frozen Calot's triangle (51%) were encountered in 41 cases of cholelithiasis. Difficult gall bladder stone disease was recognised at operation. Peroperative cholangiogram was done in 70% of the cases, CT scan in 27% cases and percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC) in 17% cases were done to(More)