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A Very Ambiguous Empire: Russia’s Hybrid Exceptionalism
Abstract This article will widen existing analyses of Russian imperial narratives through the introduction of the concept of ‘hybrid exceptionalism’, referring to discourses and practices ofExpand
Fear, Weakness and Power in the Post-Soviet South Caucasus: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Geopolitical Map of the Caucasus Timeline of Events in the South Caucasus 1988-2009 A Note on Transliteration and Toponymy List of Acronyms and Abbreviations List of Interviewees 1. Introduction 2.Expand
After Liberalism? The Future of Liberalism in International Relations
Introduction Rebekka Friedman, Kevork Oskanian and Ramon Pacheco Pardo PART I: LIBERALISM AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY 1. Liberalism - In Theory and History Beate Jahn 2. Liberalism, DemocracyExpand
The Balance Strikes Back: Power, Perceptions, and Ideology in Georgian Foreign Policy, 1992–2014
Tbilisi’s recent foreign policy presents analysts working from a balance-of-power perspective with something of a puzzle: with Russia very much the regionally dominant power, against the predictionsExpand
Carr goes east: reconsidering power and inequality in a post-liberal Eurasia
ABSTRACT This paper analyses Western policies towards Russia from the realist perspective of E.H. Carr. His critique of inter-war liberal ‘utopianism’ pointed to the tendency of liberal states toExpand
Securitisation gaps: Towards ideational understandings of state weakness
Abstract This article contributes a securitisation-based, interpretive approach to state weakness. The long-dominant positivist approaches to the phenomenon have been extensively criticised for aExpand
State Incoherence as Weakness, Instability and Failure
Comprehensively understanding ‘security’ in the contemporary South Caucasus would require anyone to grasp the sub-state processes underlying the fragility of its constituent states. In the previousExpand