Kevin de Berk

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While there is scientific consensus that global and local mean sea level (GMSL and LMSL) has risen since the late nineteenth century, the relative contribution of natural and anthropogenic forcing remains unclear. Here we provide a probabilistic upper range of long-term persistent natural GMSL/LMSL variability (P=0.99), which in turn, determines the(More)
An Information Architecture Strategy Learn how to design an information architecture that provides the right information, in the right format, to the right person, at the right time, all through a secure access. Warfighter's Access to Geospatial Intelligence The National System for Geospatial Intelligence has met the challenge to integrate disparate(More)
This thesis is about model checking testing models. These testing models are used during the automated testing of software systems and encode symbolic transition systems that are necessarily open. Open models need to be closed before they can be model checked by LTSmin. The open models are closed by the automatic generation and insertion of an environment(More)
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