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Most animals have two centrioles in spermatids (the distal and proximal centrioles), but insect spermatids seem to contain only one centriole (Fuller 1993), which functionally resembles the distal centriole. Using fluorescent centriolar markers, we identified a structure near the fly distal centriole that is reminiscent of a proximal centriole (i.e.,(More)
Brain neurons and tissues respond to sublethal injury by activating endogenous protective pathways. Recently, following the failure of a large number of clinical trials for protective strategies against stroke that aim to inhibit a specific ischemia response pathway, endogenous neuroprotection has emerged as a more promising and hopeful strategy for(More)
The MidSouth eHealth Alliances health information exchange in Memphis, Tennessee provides access to data on almost 1 million individuals. The effort is the product of a comprehensive, integrated approach to technology and policy that emphasizes patient-centered use, low-cost, flexibility, and rigorous privacy and confidentiality policies and practices It is(More)
The membrane occupation and recognition nexus protein 1 (MORN1) is highly conserved among apicomplexan parasites and is associated with several structures that have a role in cell division. Here we dissected the role of MORN1 using the relatively simple budding process of Toxoplasma gondii as a model. Ablation of MORN1 in a conditional null mutant resulted(More)
The MidSouth e-Health Alliance is a health information exchange that has been in use in the Memphis, Tennessee region since May, 2006. This health information exchange took two years to develop from the time it was initially conceived. Following on the work done by the Indianapolis project, the MidSouth e-Health Alliance focused initially on implementations(More)
BACKGROUND Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT1) is the rate-limiting enzyme governing the entry of long-chain acyl-CoAs into mitochondria. Treatments with CPT1 inhibitors protect against insulin resistance in short-term preclinical animal studies. We recently reported that mice with muscle isoform CPT1b deficiency demonstrated improved insulin(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was to develop a cGMP grade of [(18)F]fluoropropoxytryptophan ((18)F-FTP) to assess tryptophan transporters using an automated synthesizer. METHODS Tosylpropoxytryptophan (Ts-TP) was reacted with K(18)F/kryptofix complex. After column purification, solvent evaporation, and hydrolysis, the identity and purity of the product were(More)
Indentation tests are used to determine the hardness of a material, e.g., Rockwell, Vickers, or Knoop. The indentation process is empirically observed in the laboratory during these tests; the mechanics of indentation is insufficiently understood. We have performed first molecular dynamics computer simulations of indentation resistance of polymers with a(More)
To evaluate immunity against influenza, mouse challenge studies are typically performed by intranasal instillation of a virus suspension to anesthetized animals. This results in an unnatural environment in the lower respiratory tract during infection, and therefore there is some concern that immune mechanisms identified in this model may not reflect those(More)