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The MidSouth e-Health Alliance is a health information exchange that has been in use in the Memphis, Tennessee region since May, 2006. This health information exchange took two years to develop from the time it was initially conceived. Following on the work done by the Indianapolis project, the MidSouth e-Health Alliance focused initially on implementations(More)
The MidSouth eHealth Alliances health information exchange in Memphis, Tennessee provides access to data on almost 1 million individuals. The effort is the product of a comprehensive, integrated approach to technology and policy that emphasizes patient-centered use, low-cost, flexibility, and rigorous privacy and confidentiality policies and practices It is(More)
This paper proposes a study related with the downscaling trend in CMOS devices. Some of the structural variants of the MOSFET have been explored and the key performance factors as gate tunneling current, transconductance and output conductance are discussed. The impact of energy quantization on gate tunneling current is studied for double-gate and ultra(More)
We have developed a methodology that is capable of quantitatively describing the electrophoretic mobility patterns of oligomeric B-DNA through polyacrylamide gels (PAG) in the presence of varying concentration of the organic solvent 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol (MPD), used routinely to induce DNA crystallization. The model includes the ion atmosphere and its(More)
We have developed a quantitative predictive model capable of describing the dynamics of migration of intrinsically curved DNA fragments on polyacrylamide gels. The model takes into account structural features of DNA, end-to-end distance, screening of hydrodynamic interactions, ionic strength of buffer, electrostatic persistence length, structural(More)
The design of a fully differential CMOS transconductance operational amplifier is presented. Topology selection, compensation, biasing, and common mode feedback are discussed. Design analysis and simulations are presented demonstrating that the amplifier exceeds the specifications for application in the first stage of a 13-bit pipelined A/D converter, while(More)
The cone-beam reconstruction theory has been proposed by Kirillov in 1961, Tuy in 1983, Feldkamp in 1984, Smith in 1985, Pierre Grangeat in 1990. The Fourier slice theorem is proposed by Bracewell 1956, which leads to the Fourier image reconstruction method for parallel-beam geometry. The Fourier slice theorem is extended to fan-beam geometry by Zhao in(More)