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The mesenteric hemodynamic response to circulatory shock is characteristic and profound; this vasoconstrictive response disproportionately affects both the mesenteric organs and the organism as a whole. Vasoconstriction of post-capillary mesenteric venules and veins, mediated largely by the alpha-adrenergic receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, can(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the Johns Hopkins Hospital experience with 136 thymomas over the past 40 years. This number of patients allowed quantitative estimation of the independent influence of common clinicopathologic risk factors using multivariate analysis. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Thymomas vary widely in terms of recurrence and influence on overall(More)
When designing multi-sensory displays it is necessary to consider human perceptual capabilities and understand how people find patterns and how they organise individual elements into structures and groups. Gestalt theory, originally described in 1910, attempts to explain the way people perceive and recognise patterns. The early studies of Gestalt principles(More)
The contents of our conscious mind can seem unpredictable, whimsical, and free from external control. When instructed to attend to a stimulus in a work setting, for example, one might find oneself thinking about household chores. Conscious content thus appears different in nature from reflex action. Under the appropriate conditions, reflexes occur(More)
Trauma outcomes are improved by protocols for substantial bleeding, typically activated after physician evaluation at a hospital. Previous analysis suggested that prehospital vital signs contained patterns indicating the presence or absence of substantial bleeding. In an observational study of adults (aged ≥18 years) transported to level I trauma centers by(More)
Since the early days of Sauerbruch and Blalock, thymectomy has been used with increasing success in the management of myasthenia gravis. Several principles of management have emerged from this experience: the patient clearly benefits from care by a coordinated team, including a neurologist, intensivist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon in an institution(More)
The purpose of this study was twofold: develop an aging curve for extruded 2195 aluminum and test the magnitude of the anisotropy in the extrusion throughout the aging process. Two aging curves were developed, one at 290 o F and the other at 320 o F, through hardness tests of aged samples. The hardness was found to change, from approximately 72 HRB to 90(More)
Currently, hand rehabilitation following stroke tends to focus on mildly impaired individuals, partially due to the inability for severely impaired subjects to sufficiently use the paretic hand. Device-assisted interventions offer a means to include this more severe population and show promising behavioral results. However, the ability for this population(More)
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