Kevin Werbach

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Syndication has long been a fundamental organizing principle in the entertainment world, but it's been rare elsewhere in business. The fixed physical assets and slow-moving information that characterized the industrial economy made it difficult, if not impossible, to create the kind of fluid networks that are essential for syndication. But with the rise of(More)
Today, communications regulators mechanically apply outmoded categories to novel converged services, creating irresolva-ble contradictions and forcing hair-splitting distinctions that seldom hold up under the strain of judicial review or market forces. Policy-makers should reformulate communications policy around the technical architecture of the Internet(More)
  • Christopher T Marsden, Rudolf Van Der Berg, Jonathan Cave, Marvin Sirbu, Jon Crowcroft, Dave Clark +17 others
  • 2007
'Net Neutrality' is a very heated and contested United States policy principle regarding access for content providers to the Internet end-user, and potential discrimination in that access where the end-user's ISP (or another ISP) blocks that access in part or whole. The suggestion is that the problem can be resolved by either introducing greater(More)
  • Janna Quitney Anderson, Clay Shirky, Esther Dyson, Doc Searls, Nicholas Carr, Susan Crawford +27 others
  • 2010
Technology experts and stakeholders who participated in a recent survey believe online information will continue to be organized and made accessible in smarter and more useful ways in coming years, but there is stark dispute about whether the improvements will match the visionary ideals of those who are working to build the semantic web. Overview Sir Tim(More)
Gamification is the use of elements and techniques from video game design in non-game contexts. Amid the rapid growth of this practice, normative questions have been under-explored. The primary goal of this article is to develop a normatively sophisticated and descriptively rich account for appropriately addressing major ethical considerations associated(More)
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