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The Political Blogosphere and the 2004 U.S. Election: Divided They Blog, Adamic and Glance, 2005 Figure 1: Community structure of political blogs (expanded set), shown using utilizing a GEM layout [11] in the GUESS[3] visualization and analysis tool. The colors reflect political orientation, red for conservative, and blue for liberal. Orange links go from(More)
In situations characterized by a substantial decrease in lung compliance and a large alveolar-arterial oxygen tension gradient, positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) ventilation is often effective in enhancing arterial oxygen content. It may have a variable effect on cardiac output based in part on the level of end-expiratory pressure, the state of(More)
Two siblings in whom respiratory symptoms developed immediately after birth subsequently were found to have bronchiectasis with strikingly similar distribution of lesions (mainly lower lobes). Inspiratory and expiratory bronchograms performed on one of the siblings demonstrated marked ballooning and collapse of proximal bronchi during tidal breathing. The(More)
As the size of the elderly population grows, nutrition for the elderly has assumed increasing significance. Osteoporosis is a prime example of a disease which is, at least partially, nutritionally related and of great importance in this population. Not only may essential nutrients be in short supply in the diet during later years, but impaired absorption(More)