Kevin W Cushing

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This report describes the development of elastomeric capture microparticles (ECμPs) and their use with acoustophoretic separation to perform microparticle assays via flow cytometry.We have developed simple methods to form ECμPs by cross-linking droplets of common commercially available silicone precursors in suspension followed by surface functionalization(More)
BACKGROUND Acoustophoresis has been utilized successfully in applications including cell trapping, focusing, and purification. One current limitation of acoustophoresis for cell sorting is the reliance on the inherent physical properties of cells (e.g., compressibility, density) instead of selecting cells based upon biologically relevant surface-presenting(More)
The discovery of analytical tools for biomolecular recognition in the area of diagnostics is a research trend rich in innovative methods. Some of the main drivers found in this area are the constant need for low cost devices and biosensors, simplicity in design and operation, and time efficiency. In this thesis we present novel approaches for the(More)
Processes for micropatterning protein arrays on inorganic substrates have gained attention in the development of biosensors and clinical diagnostics. This study demonstrates a chemically selective method based on photolithographic deposition of gold patterns with the subsequent attachment of functionalized alkanethiols via molecular self-assembly. Selective(More)
We present an experimental method including error analysis for the measurement of the density and compressibility of cells and microbeads; these being the two central material properties in ultrasound-based acoustophoretic applications such as particle separation, trapping, and up-concentration. The density of the microparticles is determined by using a(More)
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