Kevin W Chang

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The two ends of RSV linear DNA are independently inserted into host DNA by integrase in vivo. We previously showed that the range of U3 sequences that are acceptable substrates for integrase appeared to be greater than the range of acceptable U5 sequences in vivo. We have done additional experiments to determine which U3 sequences are good integrase(More)
In most retroviruses, the first nucleotide added to the tRNA primer becomes the right end of the U5 region in the right long terminal repeat (LTR); the removal of this tRNA primer by RNase H defines the right end of the linear double-stranded DNA. Most retroviruses have two nucleotides between the 5' end of the primer binding site (PBS) and the CA(More)
When the endogenous polypurine tract (PPT) of the Rous sarcoma virus (RSV)-derived vector RSVP(A)Z was replaced with alternate retroviral PPTs, the fraction of unintegrated viral DNA with the normal consensus ends significantly decreased and the retention of part of the PPT significantly increased. If the terminus of the U3 long terminal repeat (LTR) is(More)
Retroviral polypurine tracts (PPTs) serve as primers for plus-strand DNA synthesis during reverse transcription. The generation and removal of the PPT primer requires specific cleavages by the RNase H activity of reverse transcriptases; removal of the PPT primer defines the left end of the linear viral DNA. We replaced the endogenous PPT from RSVP(A)Z, a(More)
Previous attempts to extend the host range of the avian sarcoma/leukosis virus (ASLV)-based RCASBP vectors produced two viral vectors, RCASBP M2C (4070A) and RCASBP M2C (797-8), which replicate using the amphotropic murine leukemia virus 4070A Env protein (2). Both viruses were adapted to replicate efficiently in the avian cell line DF-1, but RCASBP M2C(More)
We previously reported that a mutant Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) with an alternate polypurine tract (PPT), DuckHepBFlipPPT, had unexpectedly high titers and that the PPT was miscleaved primarily at one position following a GA dinucleotide by the RNase H of reverse transcriptase (RT). This miscleavage resulted in a portion of the 3' end of the PPT (5'-ATGTA)(More)
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