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Although agile software development methods such as SCRUM and DSDM are gaining popularity, the consequences of applying agile principles to software product management have received little attention until now. In this paper, this gap is filled by the introduction of a method for the application of SCRUM principles to software product management. For this(More)
abstract Nowadays, a huge amount of software is being developed worldwide. Mainly among SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises), there are a lot of companies that focus on the development of product software. In order to manage software products effectively, implementing software product management processes in the organization is essential. Unfortunately,(More)
In recent years, the Web Engineering community has introduced several model-driven methods in order to simplify Web Application development. However, these methods are too general and mainly focus on data intensive Web Applications. A solution to this problem is the Situational Method Engineering. This approach allows the creation or improvement of a web(More)
A method to measure intra- and extracellular conductivity is evaluated. In vitro experiments show that these two variables can be measured separately. The conductivity appears to depend on the concentration and fluid volume of the compartment concerned. In vitro variation of the intracellular volume of blood by dilution and by shrinking and swelling of(More)
Incremental method engineering proposes to evolve the information systems development methods of a software company through a step-wise improvement process. In practice, this approach proved to be effective for reducing the risks of failure while introducing method changes. However, little attention has been paid to the important problem of identifying an(More)
Software companies keep evolving their methods for software production, due to the continuous changes in the organizational, technological, and societal context. Implementing changes to existing methods is a complex activity, which depends not only on understanding 'what' to alter, but also on defining 'how' to apply the changes. Approaches in the(More)
The field of method engineering has seen an increasing amount of interesting approaches and techniques over the last ten years. The coverage of these techniques ranges from the modeling of processes and systems to the situational construction of new ones. However, access to the required domain knowledge is often not available, and the effort required for(More)