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Cultural Policy: Definitions and Theoretical Approaches
ulture, according to literary critic Raymond Williams, is one of the two or three most complicated words in the English language (1977, 76). It is worth noting that the root of the word is from theExpand
The State Arts Agency: An Overview of Cultural Federalism in the United States
his article is a brief summary of the history of state arts councils (SAAs) T in the United States. Although the fifty-six agencies with that title include ones in the six special jurisdictions ofExpand
Entrepreneurship or Cultural Darwinism? Privatization and American Cultural Patronage
The concept of the entrepreneur as an artsadministrator is developed as a person serving as a contractual intermediary,bringing together the government, the private sector, and the public forExpand
Localism and the Administrative Foundations of American Public Broadcasting
Public broadcasting remains as controversial a public policy now as it has been throughout its twenty-year history.' Fears of inordinate government influence on broadcasting were quick to arise andExpand
American Cultural Patronage: The Limits of Privatization
In sum, the economically-mixed and organizationally-pluralistic character of patronage in the United States belies the more dire predictions about the decline and fall of public culture. On the otherExpand