Kevin Tien

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Human skin relies on cutaneous receptors that output digital signals for tactile sensing in which the intensity of stimulation is converted to a series of voltage pulses. We present a power-efficient skin-inspired mechanoreceptor with a flexible organic transistor circuit that transduces pressure into digital frequency signals directly. The output frequency(More)
This paper presents a three-dimensional (3D) fully integrated high-speed multiphase voltage regulator. A complete switched-inductor regulator is integrated with a four-plane NoC in a two-high chip stack combining integrated magnetics, through-silicon vias (TSVs), and 45-nm SOI CMOS devices. Quasi-V 2 hysteretic control is implemented over eight(More)
Emerging technologies provide SoCs with fine-grained DVFS capabilities both in space (number of domains) and time (transients in the order of tens of nanoseconds). Analyzing these systems requires cycle-accurate accounting of rapidly-changing dynamics and complex interactions among accelerators, interconnect, memory, and OS. We present an FPGA-based(More)
Embedded scalable platforms (ESP) are a novel generation of platform architectures that yield optimal energy-performance operations while supporting a diversity of embedded application workloads. A companion methodology combines full-system simulation, pre-designed HW/SW interface libraries, high-level synthesis and FPGA prototyping to enable an effective(More)
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