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Server consolidation, by running multiple virtual machines on top of a single platform with virtualization, provides an efficient solu-tion to parallelism and utilization of modern multi-core processors system. However, the performance and scalability of server con-solidation solution on modern massive advanced server is not well addressed. In this paper,(More)
The performance of electrical networks is monitored by expensive Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). It is economically beneficial to determine the optimal placement and the minimum number of PMUs required to effectively monitor an entire network. This problem has a graph theory model involving power dominating sets in a graph. A set S of vertices in a graph(More)
High-quality I/O virtualization (that is, complete device semantics, full-feature set, close-to-native performance and real-time response) is critical to both server and client virtualizations. Existing solutions for I/O virtualization (e.g., full device emulation, paravirtualization and direct I/O) cannot meet the requirements of high-quality I/O(More)
Discounted Cost Register Automata (DCRA) associate costs with strings in a regular manner using the operation of discounted sum. The min-cost optimization problem for DCRAs corresponds to computing shortest paths in graphs with more general forms of discounting than the well-studied notion of future discounting. We present solutions to two classes of such(More)
To help users better understand the potential risks associated with publishing data publicly, as well as the quantity and sensitivity of information that can be obtained by combining data from various online sources, we introduce a novel information exposure detection framework that generates and analyzes the web footprints users leave across the social(More)
In many human diseases, associated genetic changes tend to occur within noncoding regions, whose effect might be related to transcriptional control. A central goal in human genetics is to understand the function of such noncoding regions: given a region that is statistically associated with changes in gene expression (expression quantitative trait locus(More)
Consider the following fundamental estimation problem: there are n entities, each with an unknown parameter pi ∈ [0, 1], and we observe n independent random variables,X1, . . . , Xn, withXi ∼Binomial(t, pi). How accurately can one recover the “histogram” (i.e. cumulative density function) of the pis? While the empirical estimates would recover the histogram(More)
The representation and discovery of transcription factor (TF) sequence binding specificities is critical for understanding gene regulatory networks and interpreting the impact of diseaseassociated non-coding genetic variants. We present a novel TF binding motif representation, the K-mer Set Memory (KSM), which consists of a set of aligned k-mers that are(More)