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  • K Tham
  • 1996
This paper describes a new neglect test, where patients are asked to spread out 16 cubes as evenly as possible over a 75 × 100 cm board "as if they were buns on a baking tray". A consecutive series of 52 brain-damaged patients and 30 control subjects were examined with the new test as well as with several commonly used neglect tests. The baking tray task(More)
This paper describes a trivial, but highly effective denial of service attack bawd on commonly available IEEE 802.11 hardware andfi-eely available sofnare. The attack requires limited resources and is inexpensive to mount. This paper will discus the attack, its implementation, and provide an analysis of methods to achieve optimal denial of service results.(More)
The range of devices that are capable of connecting to data networks has been on a rise in recent times. From the perspective of an administrator, controlling access to data networks, via these devices, usually includes the creation of separate login credentials. This leads to an administrative nightmare, from both the user and administrator's point of(More)
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