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Many studies have shown a co-variation of unilateral neglect with nonlateralised attentional functions. Recently, Posner has argued that there are two separate neural systems that influence the posterior attentional system which is presumed to be impaired in unilateral neglect, namely, the posterior system itself (located partly in the inferior parietal(More)
This paper describes a trivial, but highly effective denial of service attack bawd on commonly available IEEE 802.11 hardware andfi-eely available sofnare. The attack requires limited resources and is inexpensive to mount. This paper will discus the attack, its implementation, and provide an analysis of methods to achieve optimal denial of service results.(More)
The possible causative role of defective sustained attention and awareness of disability on the persistence of neglect was explored. The study included stroke patients who had had moderate or severe neglect 1-5 years before the start of the present examination. Questionnaire responses showed that the patients were aware of their disability. Impaired(More)
The range of devices that are capable of connecting to data networks has been on a rise in recent times. From the perspective of an administrator, controlling access to data networks, via these devices, usually includes the creation of separate login credentials. This leads to an administrative nightmare, from both the user and administrator's point of(More)
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