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The Florida Everglades has diminished in size and its existing wetland hydrology has been altered. The endangered snail kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis) has nearly abandoned the Everglades, and its prey, the apple snail (Pomacea paludosa), has declined. We developed a population model (EverSnail) to understand apple snail response to inter- and intra-annual(More)
Large-scale ecosystem management involves consideration of many factors for informed decision making. The EverVIEW Data Viewer is a cross-platform desktop decision support tool to help decision makers compare simulation model outputs from competing plans for restoring Florida's Greater Everglades. The integration of NetCDF metadata conventions into EverVIEW(More)
Illegal drag racing or street racing is a prominent safety concern in many major cities. This is especially the case in areas which have sections of road which are straight, level, and have low traffic at various times of day or night. This paper proposes a control mechanism for a system which is capable of detecting illegal street races and reporting them(More)
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