Kevin Stokes

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The division of plastids is critical for viability in photosynthetic eukaryotes, but the mechanisms associated with this process are still poorly understood. We previously identified a nuclear gene from Arabidopsis encoding a chloroplast-localized homolog of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ, an essential cytoskeletal component of the prokaryotic(More)
BACKGROUND Chloroplast division in plant cells occurs by binary fission, yielding two daughter plastids of equal size. Previously, we reported that two Arabidopsis homologues of FtsZ, a bacterial protein that forms a cytokinetic ring during cell division, are essential for plastid division in plants, and may be involved in the formation of plastid-dividing(More)
Marine reserves are a promising tool for fisheries management and conservation of biodiversity, but they are not a panacea for fisheries management problems. For fisheries that target highly mobile single species with little or no by-catch or habitat impact, marine reserves provide few benefits compared to conventional fishery management tools. For(More)
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