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This paper describes the Altera Stratix II™ logic and routing architecture. This architecture features a novel adaptive logic module (ALM) that is based on a 6-LUT, but can be partitioned into two smaller LUTs to efficiently implement circuits containing a range of LUT sizes that arises in conventional synthesis flows. This provides a performance(More)
LiTbF4 has the potential to replace traditional magneto-optic garnet materials as a Faraday rotator in high power laser systems due to its high Verdet constant. New measurements are reported of the ordinary and extraordinary refractive indices of LiTbF4 as functions of wavelength and temperature, respectively, as well as their corresponding Sellmeier(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study was to examine an evidence-based smoking cessation education program effect on nursing students' perceptions and self-confidence to help smokers quit smoking. METHOD Upon completion of an on-line educational program students were provided opportunities to practice through simulation. Data were collected by pre and post(More)
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