Kevin Stangl

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A telemetric tool for the evaluation and re-evaluation of a series of digitized 12-lead ECG samples from an individual patient was developed. The solution involves a standard PC-based client/server concept with communication via Internet. The ECG is recorded on a commercial Web-linked PC-based device and the pre-processed data are transmitted to the server(More)
Patterns for optimal monostatic sonobuoy fields were developed during the Cold War for use in deep, uniform undersea environments, where a simple median detection range can be used to define a useful fixed spacing between sonobuoys. However, oceanographic and acoustic conditions in the littoral environments where current operations are often conducted are(More)
Compressed sensing (CS) is a new signal acquisition paradigm that enables the reconstruction of signals and images from a low number of samples. A particularly exciting application of CS is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), where CS significantly speeds up scan time by requiring far fewer measurements than standard MRI techniques. Such a reduction in(More)
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