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The objective of the study was to identify the extragranular component requirements (level and type of excipients) to develop an immediate release tablet of solid dispersions prepared by hot melt extrusion (HME) process using commonly used HME polymers. Solid dispersions of compound X were prepared using polyvinyl pyrrolidone co-vinyl acetate 64 (PVP VA64),(More)
A superconducting multi-ion-beam driver linac for an rare isotope facility (RIA) can accelerate all ions from protons to uranium to energies of 400 MeV/nucleon and above with a beam power of several hundred kW. This paper describes the design of a group of superconducting cavities for that portion of such a linac with particle velocities between 0.017 and(More)
The design of a low-charge-state linac which is capable of accelerating, for example, 132 Sn 1+ for injection into the existing heavy-ion linac ATLAS is discussed. The injector linac is intended for radioactive beam applications, and will accelerate a low-charge-state beam to energies of 500 keV/nucleon, at which point the ions can be stripped to charge(More)
A superconducting quadrupole magnet has been designed for use as the focusing element in a low charge state linac proposed at Argonne. The expected field gradient is 350 T/m at an operating current of 53 A, and the bore diameter is 3 cm. The use of rare earth material holmium for pole tips provides about 10 % more gradient than iron pole tips. The design(More)
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