Kevin Shen-Hoong Ong

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Body Sensor Networks (BSN) is a low-power wireless sensing technology for healthcare applications. Low-power wireless sensing is achieved by the integration of various miniaturized low-power on-chip devices, and is termed Body Sensor Node. The heart of the Body Sensor Node is an ultra low power mixed signal microcontroller. These mixed signal(More)
—We present a scalable design for accelerating the problem of solving a dense linear system of equations using LU Decomposition. A novel systolic array architecture that can be used as a building block in scientific applications is described and prototyped on a Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA. This solver has a throughput of around 3.2 million linear systems per(More)
During lid operations, identifying the lacrimal punctum is sometimes difficult. The difficulty may be increased following local anesthetic infiltration into the medial canthus and manipulation of the lid tissues. Punctal dyeing with a skin marking pen is a simple technique that improves visualization of the lacrimal punctum during surgery in this region.(More)
Failures of critical factory equipment are one of the main reasons for production stoppages and a regular maintenance schedule is required to ensure continuous operation of production line. However, regular maintenance can be both costly and inefficient. Vibrations are present in all machinery with moving parts and it had always been regarded as an(More)
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