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Software dynamic translation (SDT) is a technology that permits the modification of an executing program's instructions. In recent years, SDT has received increased attention, from both industry and academia, as a feasible and effective approach to solving a variety of significant problems. Despite this increased attention, the task of initiating a new(More)
Modern, statically typed, functional languages define functions by pattern matching. Although pattern matching is defined in terms of sequential checking of a value against one pattern after another, real implementations translate patterns into automata that can test a value against many patterns at once. Decision trees are popular automata. The cost of(More)
Summary form only given. Software dynamic translation (SDT) is a technology that allows programs to be modified as they are running. The overhead of monitoring and modifying a running program's instructions is often substantial in SDT systems. As a result, SDT can be impractically slow, especially in SDT systems that do not or cannot employ dynamic(More)
The use of fluorescent protein fusions has revolutionized cell biology by allowing exploration of proteins in their native context. However, the utilization of current techniques is limited by the size and placement of the fused fluorescent protein. This is especially true for proteins that oligomerize or assemble into large complexes in which the(More)
Anecdotal evidence and scholarly research have shown that a significant portion of Internet users experience regrets over their online disclosures. To help individuals avoid regrettable online disclosures, we employed lessons from behavioral decision research and research on soft paternalism to design mechanisms that "nudge" users to consider the content(More)
Nearly one in eight US women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Most breast cancer is not associated with a hereditary syndrome, occurs in postmenopausal women, and is estrogen and progesterone receptor-positive. Estrogen exposure is an epidemiologic risk factor for breast cancer and estrogen is a potent mammary mitogen. We studied single(More)
Does the addition of audio enhance visual perception and performance within a virtual environment? To address this issue we used both a questionnaire and an experimental test of the effect of audio on recall and recognition of visual objects within different rooms of a virtual environment. We tested 60 college-aged students who had normal visual acuity,(More)