Kevin SW Tan

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ROS (reactive oxygen species) overproduction is an important underlying factor for the activation of astrocytes in various neuropathological conditions. In the present study, we examined ROS production in astrocytes and downstream effects leading to changes in the signalling cascade, morphology and membrane dynamics using menadione, a redox-active compound(More)
BACKGROUND Blastocystis is a highly prevalent anaerobic eukaryotic parasite of humans and animals that is associated with various gastrointestinal and extraintestinal disorders. Epidemiological studies have identified different subtypes but no one subtype has been definitively correlated with disease. RESULTS Here we report the 18.8 Mb genome sequence of(More)
Key Points The eyes are a central feature of the face, and patients • commonly present for aesthetic rejuvenation of the eyelids and surrounding areas. A detailed comprehension of forehead/eyebrow, eyelid • and midface anatomy, and how these separate units interrelate with each other, is critical to successful aesthetic surgery of the upper face. Eyebrow(More)
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