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Rapidly Exponentially Stabilizing Control Lyapunov Functions and Hybrid Zero Dynamics
This paper addresses the problem of exponentially stabilizing periodic orbits in a special class of hybrid models-systems with impulse effects-through control Lyapunov functions. The periodic orbitExpand
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Control lyapunov functions and hybrid zero dynamics
Hybrid zero dynamics extends the Byrnes-Isidori notion of zero dynamics to a class of hybrid models called systems with impulse effects. Specifically, given a smooth submanifold that is contained inExpand
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Preliminary walking experiments with underactuated 3D bipedal robot MARLO
This paper reports on an underactuated 3D bipedal robot with passive feet that can start from a quiet standing position, initiate a walking gait, and traverse the length of the laboratoryExpand
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Torque Saturation in Bipedal Robotic Walking Through Control Lyapunov Function-Based Quadratic Programs
This paper presents a novel method to address the actuator saturation for nonlinear hybrid systems by directly incorporating user-defined input bounds in a controller design. In particular, weExpand
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A biologically inspired approach to modeling unmanned vehicle teams
Cooperative motion control of teams of agile unmanned vehicles presents modeling challenges at several levels. The "microscopic equations" describing individual vehicle dynamics and their interactionExpand
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Symmetry and reduction in collectives: cyclic pursuit strategies
We specify and analyse models that capture the geometry of purposeful motion of a collective of mobile agents, with a focus on planar motion, dyadic strategies and attention graphs which are static,Expand
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Portraits of cyclic pursuit
The study of cyclic pursuit as a means to collective behavior in nature and in artificial multi-agent systems is of current interest. Here we examine the nonlinear closed loop dynamics of planarExpand
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Geometry of cyclic pursuit
Pursuit strategies (formulated using constant-speed particle models) provide a means for achieving cohesive behavior in systems of multiple mobile agents. In the present paper, we explore an n-agentExpand
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Cyclic pursuit in three dimensions
Pursuit strategies for interacting particles and feedback laws to execute them are formulated in three dimensions, focusing on constant bearing (CB) pursuit - a case of interest in biology. In theExpand
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Station keeping through beacon-referenced cyclic pursuit
This paper investigates a modification of cyclic CB pursuit in a multi-agent system in which each agent pays attention to a neighbor and a beacon. The problem admits shape equilibria with collectiveExpand
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