Kevin S. Mc Curley

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BACKGROUND Patients with suspected thiamine deficiency should receive treatment with parenteral thiamine to achieve the high serum thiamine levels necessary to reverse the effects of deficiency and to circumvent problems with absorption common in the medically ill. OBJECTIVE To quantify rates of parenteral administration of thiamine across(More)
This paper introduces the IBM Linux in Academia program and a curriculum development project initiated by the authors for the program. The service of IBM Linux in Academia program is based on the Linux virtual service concept in which a mainframe computer is partitioned into many Linux images supported by IBM’s Virtual Machine Operating System. On the IBM(More)
BACKGROUND High-throughput methods based on molecular reporters have greatly advanced our knowledge of cell signaling in mammalian cells. However, their ability to monitor various types of cells is markedly limited by the inefficiency of reporter gene delivery. Recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors are efficient tools widely used for delivering(More)
Semantic service search engine is designed for DE, to provide semantic search support. Digital ecosystem (DE) is comprised of heterogeneous and distributed species which can play the dual role of service provider and service requester. DE needs to provide a reliable and trustworthy link between service providers and service requesters. So, semantic service(More)
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