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Ankyrin-repeat family A protein (ANKRA) is a novel protein that interacts directly and specifically with the cytoplasmic tail of megalin in the yeast two-hybrid system and glutathione-S-transferase pull-down assays. ANKRA has three ankyrin repeats and shows 61% overall homology to regulatory factor X, ankyrin repeat-containing protein. Mapping studies show(More)
Renal clearance is a major pathway for regulating the levels of insulin and other low molecular weight polypeptide hormones in the systemic circulation. Previous studies have shown that the reabsorption of insulin from the glomerular filtrate occurs by binding to as yet unidentified sites on the luminal surface of proximal tubule cells followed by(More)
Megalin (gp330), an epithelial endocytic receptor, is a major target antigen of Heymann nephritis (HN), an autoimmune disease in rats. To elucidate the mechanisms of HN, we have mapped a pathogenic epitope in megalin that binds anti-megalin antibodies. We focused our attention on four clusters of cysteine-rich, low density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) ligand(More)
Randomized trials of substituting high-dose cytarabine (HiDAC) for standard dose cytarabine (SDAC) during induction therapy for newly diagnosed AML have not demonstrated an improvement in the complete remission (CR) rate. Phase II trials of the scheduled administration of HiDAC after SDAC suggest an improved outcome. The hematological complications of(More)
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