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The existence of a specialized mechanism supporting auditory motion processing in humans is a matter of debate in the psychophysical literature. Recent functional neuroimaging data appear to have resolved the debate in favor of a specialized motion system in that several studies have found cortical regions that seem to be motion selective. While all these(More)
Several lines of evidence show that posterior portions of left auditory cortex participate in aspects of speech production. A current hypothesis is that these regions play a specific role in processing phonological codes. We used event-related fMRI to test this hypothesis. Subjects covertly named objects that had names varying in length from one to four(More)
Although it is generally acknowledged that at least two processing streams exist in the primate cortical auditory system, the function of the posterior dorsal stream is a topic of much debate. Recent studies have reported selective activation to auditory spatial change in portions of the human planum temporale (PT) relative to nonspatial stimuli such as(More)
Thirteen-channel visual evoked potentials (VEPs) to pattern-onset were recorded with stimuli restricted to individual octants of the peripheral field, to halves and to quadrants of the fovea. The voltage of the CI component was measured in each channel to define its topography for each stimulated sector. The potential fields so obtained were then analysed(More)
The existence of a specialized human cortical area for the processing of auditory motion is still a matter of debate. Initial functional imaging studies identified the planum temporale as being motion selective. Recent data contrasting spatially varying stationary stimuli with moving stimuli found no difference in the amount of activation between the two(More)
A Ab bs st tr ra ac ct t The theoretical possibility of applying gene transfer methodologies to the human germline is explored. Transgenic methods for genetically manipulating embryos may in principle be applied to humans. In particular, microinjection of retroviral vector appears to hold the greatest promise, with transgenic primates already obtained from(More)
Objective To investigate the views and practices of UK medical schools regarding the inclusion (or exclusion) of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in undergraduate medical curricula. Design Survey (by email) of UK medical schools offering MBBS (or equivalent) degrees. Results The overall response rate was 58.1% (18/31). All respondents(More)
Magnetostatic backward volume spin-wave ͑SW͒ pulses have been cloned and trapped through the use of multiple, properly timed, parametric pumping ͑PP͒ pulses. The experiment was done with 30-ns-wide pulses at 5 GHz in a 7.1-␮m-thick yttrium iron garnet film. Well-timed, large-area, high-power, 2-ns-wide microwave pulses at 10 GHz were used to pump the SW(More)
Motivated by assertions that the purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was to improve the credibility of financial reporting, this paper examines changes in the ways investors respond to accounting restatements before and after the implementation of the Act. We examine reporting credibility in the context of earnings restatements because restatements have(More)