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Detection of colorectal cancer ideally occurs at an early stage through proper screening. We sought to establish methods by which colorectal cancers are diagnosed within an equal access military health care population and evaluate the correlation between TNM stage at colorectal cancer diagnosis and diagnostic modality (i.e., symptomatic detection vs screen(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in thermal imaging devices have made them an appealing noninvasive point-of-care imaging adjunct in the trauma setting. We sought to assess whether a smartphone-based infrared imaging device (SBIR) could determine presence and location of aortic occlusion in a swine model. We hypothesized that various levels of aortic occlusion would(More)
To describe the etiology, anatomy and pathophysiology of rectovaginal fistulas (RVFs); and to describe a systematic surgical approach to help achieve optimal outcomes. A current review of the literature was performed to identify the most up-to-date techniques and outcomes for repair of RVFs. RVFs present a difficult problem that is frustrating for patients(More)
Rectovaginal fistulas present a difficult problem that is frustrating for patients and surgeons alike. Surgical options range from collagen plugs and endorectal advancement flaps to sphincter repairs or resection with coloanal reconstruction. For recurrent or complex rectovaginal fistulas, especially in the setting of prior radiation, Crohn’s disease, or(More)
this video ( details the martius/bulbocavernosus flap used to treat a 28-yearold woman with a recurrent low-lying rectovaginal fistula. the video begins by reviewing important principles of successful fistula management. the vignette then transitions into a step-by-step operative procedure with detailed anatomy supported by(More)
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