Kevin R. Harris

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In recent models of decision-making, cognitive scientists have examined the relationship between option generation and successful performance. These models suggest that those who are successful at decision-making generate few courses of action and typically choose the first, often best, option. Scientists working in the area of expert performance, on the(More)
BACKGROUND Falls represent a significant threat to patient safety for hospitalized patients throughout the world. Little is known, however, regarding nurses' immediate responses to the discovery of a fallen patient. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to perform an experimental examination of experienced and novice nurses' reaction to the discovery(More)
The present study investigated whether a differential number of perceived subgroups for men and women mediated the previous finding that men and women with more traditional attitudes concerning women's roles individuate men more than women, whereas individuals with less traditional attitudes better individuate women (Stewart, Vassar, Sanchez, & David,(More)
Research on decision-making under stress has mainly involved laboratory-based studies with few contextual descriptions of decision-making under stress in the natural ecology. We examined how police officers prepared for, coped with and made decisions under threat-of-death stress during real events. A delayed retrospective report method was used to elicit(More)
A consistent, albeit fragile, finding over the last couple of decades has been that verbalization of hard-to-verbalize stimuli, such as faces, interferes with subsequent recognition of the described target stimulus. We sought to elicit a similar phenomenon whereby visualization interferes with verbal recognition--that is, visual overshadowing. We randomly(More)
The aim of this article was to provide a response that supports and extends Schiavenato's call for a theoretically guided approach to simulation use in nursing education.We propose that a theoretical framework for simulation In nursing must first include, as a basis, a theoretical understanding of human performance and how it is enhanced.This understanding(More)
A better understanding of the factors influencing medical team performance and accounting for expert medical team performance should benefit medical practice. Therefore, the aim here is to highlight key issues with using deliberate practice to improve medical team performance, especially given the success of deliberate practice for developing individual(More)
A novel approach to protocol analysis designed for dynamic tasks is introduced and applied to the domain of law enforcement. This Task Analysis Period (TAP) methodology is designed to allow exploration of the structural mechanisms of expert performance in a task not traditionally investigated via protocol analysis methods. Preliminary evidence supports the(More)
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