Kevin Pennings

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In this paper we describe a combination of paper-based sensors and a novel smart-phone application for on-site quantification of colorimetric readouts as an ultra-low cost solution to monitoring water quality. The system utilizes a paper-based analytical device (μPAD) that produces a colorimetric signal that is dependent on the concentration of a specific(More)
The value of DNA single cell cytometry for the detection of aneuploidy was assessed in 100 specimens of actinic keratoses and 39 specimens of Bowen's disease. Ten seborrhoeic keratoses and 10 samples of normal epidermis served as negative control groups. Monolayer smears, prepared from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues, were Feulgen-stained and used(More)
A simple and inexpensive method is reported for the long-term stabilization of enzymes and other unstable reagents in premeasured quantities in water-soluble tablets (cast, not compressed) made with pullulan, a nonionic polysaccharide that forms an oxygen impermeable solid upon drying. The pullulan tablets dissolve in aqueous solutions in seconds, thereby(More)
We describe a versatile and simple method to perform sequential reactions on paper analytical devices by stacking dry pullulan films on paper, where each film contains one or more reagents or acts as a delay layer. Exposing the films to an aqueous solution of the analyte leads to sequential dissolution of the films in a temporally controlled manner followed(More)
Water soluble pullulan films were formatted into paper-based microfluidic devices, serving as a controlled time shutoff valve. The utility of the valve was demonstrated by a one-step, fully automatic implementation of a complex pesticide assay requiring timed, sequential exposure of an immobilized enzyme layer to separate liquid streams. Pullulan film(More)
The utility of hydrophobic wax barriers in paper-based lateral flow and multiwell devices for containment of aqueous solvents was extended to organic solvents and challenging aqueous surfactant solutions by preparation of a three layer barrier, consisting of internal pullulan impregnated paper barriers surrounded by external wax barriers. When paper(More)
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