Kevin Palfreyman

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This article considers the importance of context in mobile systems. It considers a range of context-related issues and focus on location as a key issue for mobile systems. A design framework is described consisting of taxonomies of location, mobility, population, and device awareness. The design framework inorms the construction of a semantic model of space(More)
Virtual Reality has attracted much attention in CSCW as a means for providing ‘Collaborative Virtual Environments’. In this paper an alternative use is made of VR for CSCW. Our work focuses not upon VR as an actual interface to CSCW systems but as a means for providing a rich environment in which to, firstly, represent the results of ethnographic study and,(More)
In this paper, we present an overview of our current research activity, which provides enabling technology to promote loosely coupled information-seeking activities. The lightweight mechanisms constructed facilitate situated awareness of the presence of other users at digital information resources. The mechanisms seek to augment existing infrastructures and(More)
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