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Foot strike patterns of recreational and sub-elite runners in a long-distance road race
Abstract Although the biomechanical properties of the various types of running foot strike (rearfoot, midfoot, and forefoot) have been studied extensively in the laboratory, only a few studies haveExpand
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Attitudes Toward Victims of Rape
Although previous literature focusing on perceptions of victims of rape has examined how gender, race, and culture influence the attitudes one holds toward victims, these studies have yielded mixedExpand
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Can we reduce eating disorder risk factors in female college athletes? A randomized exploratory investigation of two peer-led interventions.
Female athletes are at least as at risk as other women for eating disorders (EDs) and at risk for the female athlete triad (i.e., inadequate energy availability, menstrual disorders, andExpand
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Approach motivation and the expansion of self in close relationships
The self-expansion model posits that individuals are fundamentally motivated to expand their sense of self. It is proposed that approach—but not avoidance—motivation underlies self-expansion and thatExpand
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“You make me a better/worse person”: A two‐dimensional model of relationship self‐change
For better or worse, relationships have the potential to affect individuals' self-concepts; however, currently no integrative model exists to explain the variety of these self-concept changes. WeExpand
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Sweating the small stuff: how different types of hassles result in the experience of stress
The current study examines the level of stress caused by different types of daily hassles. Using an open-ended response format, participants (n = 164) described hassles that they were currentlyExpand
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An examination of musculoskeletal cognitive competency in chiropractic interns.
OBJECTIVE This study investigates the cognitive competency of final-year chiropractic students in musculoskeletal medicine. METHODS The face, content, and criterion validity of the Basic ClinicalExpand
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Workplace Self-Expansion: Implications for Job Satisfaction, Commitment, Self-Concept Clarity, and Self-Esteem Among the Employed and Unemployed
Similar to how individuals in close relationships incorporate aspects of their partner into their self-concept, we suggest that jobs promote self-expansion when they lead people to develop skills andExpand
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Social Comparison as a Self-regulatory Measuring Stick
How do individuals assess the magnitude of their self-discrepancies? In this research, we suggest that social comparison operates as a self-regulatory measuring stick that helps individuals assessExpand
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Early Verb Learning: How Do Children Learn How to Compare Events?
An important problem verb learners must solve is how to extend verbs. Children could use cross-situational information to guide their extensions; however, comparing events is difficult. In 2 studies,Expand
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