Kevin P. Moloney

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PURPOSE Neural evidence exists for cortical reorganization in human visual cortex in response to retinal disease. Macular degeneration (MD) causes the progressive loss of central visual acuity. To cope with this, MD patients often adopt a preferred retinal location (PRL, i.e., a functional retinal area in their periphery used to fixate instead of the(More)
This experiment examines the effect of combinations of feedback (auditory, haptic, and/or visual) on the performance of older adults completing a drag-and-drop computer task. Participants completed a series of drag-and-drop tasks under each of seven feedback conditions (3 unimodal, 3 bimodal, 1 trimodal). Performance was assessed using measures of(More)
This study examines the effects of multimodal feedback on the performance of older adults with an ocular disease, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), when completing a simple computer-based task. Visually healthy older users (n = 6) and older users with AMD (n = 6) performed a series of drag-and-drop tasks that incorporated a variety of different(More)
Afflicting the majority of female offenders, mental illness is grossly over-represented among incarcerated women. It is a substantial contributor to the poor health status of this population. Of particular concern are the effects of trauma and substance use disorders, which are often a result of past victimization. The prison experience frequently compounds(More)
This paper examines factors that affect performance of a basic menu selection task by users who are visually healthy and users with Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in order to inform better interface design. Interface characteristics such as multimodal feedback, Windows® accessibility settings, and menu item location were investigated. Analyses of Variance(More)
This study examines the effects of multimodal feedback on the performance of older adults with different visual abilities. Older adults possessing normal vision (n=29) and those who have been diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (n=30) performed a series of drag-and-drop tasks under varying forms of feedback. User performance was assessed with(More)
The rate of acute drug-related mortality, or overdose deaths, among prisoners in the immediate post-release period is unacceptably high. Such incidents result from many factors, including decreased tolerance after a period of relative abstinence during imprisonment and the concurrent use of multiple drugs which, with every additional illicit drug consumed(More)
Insufficient attention is being paid to two key issues which are critical to a better understanding of what can be done to improve present services for women in prison. Firstly, the demographics, determinants and profiles of imprisoned women clearly show factors that should be central to any prison policy for women. Secondly, an analysis of the role of(More)