Kevin P. Cross

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Modern approaches to drug discovery have dramatically increased the speed and quantity of compounds that are made and tested for potential potency. The task of collecting, organizing, and assimilating this information is a major bottleneck in the discovery of new drugs. We have developed LeadScope a novel, interactive computer program for visualizing,(More)
The descending contralateral movement detector (DCMD) is a high-performance interneuron in locusts with an axon capable of transmitting action potentials (AP) at more than 500 Hz. We investigated biophysical mechanisms for fidelity of high-frequency transmission in this axon. We measured conduction velocities (CVs) at room temperature during exposure to 10(More)
We present a new method for constructing discriminating substructures by reassembling common medicinal chemistry building blocks. The algorithm can be parametrized to meet differing objectives: (1) to build features that discriminate for biological activity in a local structural neighborhood, (2) to build scaffolds for R-group analysis, (3) to construct(More)
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