Kevin Otto

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The adoption of smart grid systems has been accelerating around the world, with many pilot projects initiated throughout the developed world. However, there has been a lack of studies quantifying appliance level economic benefits that are available to the end consumers. Through coupling historical market information with an agent based residential load(More)
In this paper, a miniature nonholonomic spherical rolling robot capable of navigating over two dimensional surfaces is described. This 55 gram spherical robot consists of a 6 cm diameter external spherical shell driven by an internal two-wheeled differential drive cart. A gravity powered pendulum effect is produced as the internal device climbs up the(More)
As part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD) energy efficiency in building project, the authors have been involved in modelling various technology options for different building market segments to reach net-zero energy goal. This paper describes the modelling of single-family residence in US southeast as a case-in-point to(More)
This paper is concerned with pose (position and orientation) estimation of robotic end-effectors under low speed motion where its acceleration is far less than the gravity. An Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is designed to fuse measurements from an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a SE(3) measurement system. The IMU consists of a tri-axis accelerometer and(More)
Automated welding has been very effective in enhancing the quality and quantity of weld jobs along with improving the safety of the workers. Nevertheless, most existing welding robots are massive and immobile. Typically, the work-pieces are transferred to the robots for welding. This makes it difficult for many welding applications that have large scale(More)